Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mary Kate at EMS

Hey my name is Mary Kate. All these things around me are my fun filled life. First of all I love to dance and play soccer. Those are my main sports I play. I like to listen to my music on my iPod all the time. I love my dog Pepper and a lot other dogs too. The beach is one of my favorite places to go. I have a shore house too. I also like to snowboard on big hills and go to Mount Snow almost every year during winter break. I like to shop at Hollister and Abercrombie I wear their stuff. The last thing I like to do is surfing at the beach.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tori At EMS

Hi my name is Tori! This picture of me and the pictures around me is my life! I love to do sports especially gymnastics!!! It is my favorite sport! I am on level 8 and I am doing pretty good. Its hard but I love it. Another sport that I like is basketball. I am now on the basketball team for my school, and I do travel. I am really busy!! I love going on AIM. I am a HUGE Rutgers football fan. I like uggs because they are so warm on the inside and keep me warm in the winter, and I have the beach picture because I go to the beach every summer and have a beach house and I love the sun. So I hope you like my picture!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Anna at EMS

I decided to pick this picture because it is a portrait of me and it has a place I love to go in the background. I go to the beach every summer and I love to go there. Summer is my favorite season and it's the best time to go to the beach so this picture really describes where I like to be and what I love.

michael at ems

My picture shows my shoe because I like to run. I run really fast and my shoes make me comfortable when I run. I took this picture on the floor while I was standing up. I took the picture in the hallway of my school. This picture is not at an eye level photo.

Instructors and LTP


Harold Olejarz is Art and Technology teacher at Eisenhower Middle School, Wyckoff, New Jersey, U.S.A. He began his career as a sculptor and exhibited in Soho, NYC, in the early 1980s. His work evolved into Performance Art and his living sculptures installed themselves in museums and public spaces in the US and Europe from 1985 to the early 1990s. He has been exploring digital media as both an artist and an educator since 1997. “Capturing the Moving Present,” an essay by Harold Olejarz, is included in Video Art for the Classroom, a National Art Education Association publication. Olejarz has made presentations on the use of digital media at state and national educational conferences.

Tom Chambers is Technology Applications teacher at Raul Yzaguirre School For Success [Junior Academy], Houston, Texas, U.S.A. He was Visiting Lecturer in Digital/New Media Art for the Fine Arts Department at Zhaoqing University, Zhaoqing, China, 2005-2007. He was Executive Committee Member and Juror (2003 - 2005) for the International Digital Art Awards (IDAA), and was instrumental in expanding the content of the IDAA to include New Media Art, and served as on-line New Media Director (2004 - 2005). Chambers has been a documentary photographer and visual artist for over thirty years, and he is currently working with the pixel as Minimal Art (Pixelscapes) which begins to approach a true, abstract, visual language in Digital Art.

Tanya Heard is Art/Photo teacher at T. H. Rogers School, Houston, Texas.

2007 - 2008 school year participant:

Dorian Gillespie is Art teacher at Southmore Intermediate School in Pasadena Texas. Prior to coming to Southmore, he taught at Bailey Elementary. He decided to teach and mentor students in the arts in order to give them an opportunity to learn and advise them of the many career choices an artist has. Although he did not teach art at Bailey, he was able to incorporate many art lessons into the curriculum. He has taught after school art classes for the University of Houston Clear Lake as well. Rather than become a professional artist, he decided to mentor as a teacher.

This blog was a part of the FotoFest LTP process:

2007 - 2008
2008 - 2009
2009 - 2010

Literacy Through Photography (LTP), the educational component of FotoFest International (Houston, Texas), is a writing program designed to help classroom students achieve better communication skills through the use of digital or film-based photography.

FotoFest has combined with the instructors and schools to pursue a pilot program ... blog approach ... for LTP.

Students increase visual and verbal literacy while building cognitive thinking skills, self-esteem, and awareness of each other. The LTP curriculum provides students with meaningful subject matter to help them write about their own photographs, their own lives, with confidence.

This blog, founded by Harold Olejarz and Tom R. Chambers continues to be a significant tool to help students with their written expression.